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Abs Roller Multi-Functional Abdominal Wheel Automatic Rebound Training Auxiliary

Abs Roller Multi-Functional Abdominal Wheel Automatic Rebound Training Auxiliary

【Revolutionary Automatic Rebound Design】Our ab roller features intelligent auxiliary brakes and a built-in brake system for smoother, more controlled steel rebound.


【2-in-1 Abdominal Exercise and Flat Support Machine】Scientifically designed with 5 layers of anti-slip materials for noise reduction, shock absorption, and wear resistance.


【Double Widen Wheels Design for Stable and Safe Workout】: Ab roller features a widened two-wheel design that increases the wheelbase and expands the contact area with the ground, effectively reducing lateral sway and providing enhanced stability during exercises.


【Ab Roller with Elbow Support】: Upgraded ab roller with elbow support design provides enhanced stability during workouts, reducing lateral movement and preventing arm compensation. This allows for more precise and effective ab muscle activation, so you can focus on training your abs and core muscles without worrying about arm fatigue or injury.


【Multi-Layer Wheels and Handle】: Ab roller is made with multiple layers of high-quality material, including an anti-slip layer, reinforcement layer, damping layer, mute layer, and noise reduction layers. The detachable handle features thick foam for a comfortable grip, sweat absorption, and easy storage. The thickened foam cushion design provides extra protection for the elbow during long workouts, preventing injury.


【Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster】: Ab wheel is a must-have core exercise equipment that helps tone and shape your arms, chest, abs, back, hips, and leg muscles. With the automatic rebound function and timer, this amazing ab roller kit helps men and women burn fat faster and shape their 6-pack abs! Whether you're a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, our rebound abdominal wheel is the perfect tool to help you achieve your fitness goals. Start your journey to a healthier and more toned body today.

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