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Floor GHD Curl Bench

Floor GHD Curl Bench

A compact alternative to traditional GHD machines—giving athletes a convenient way to perform glute ham raises in any type of training space. This laser-cut-steel floor apparatus creates just a 1570 x 610 mm footprint, and its adjustable foot pads can be set at six different height options for easy customization.

The design is optimized for a GHR - Glute Ham Raise, a bodyweight hamstring movement that concentrates on knee flexion. When made a regular part of a training regimen, these GHR exercises can help increase squat and deadlift strength as well as a runner’s power and speed off the blocks. The movement itself doesn't put any high compressive forces on the spine, and its effects may reduce the chance of suffering of serious ACL injuries down the road.



Weight: 48kg

Footprint: 62" x 24" (158CM x 61CM)

50*75mm strut 3mm gauge steel

Foot Pads: Varies 15" - 20" (43CM to 51CM)

Application: Glute Ham Raises, Nordic Raises

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