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Home Gym Cable Attachment Handle Machine Exercise Chrome PressDown Strength Trai

Home Gym Cable Attachment Handle Machine Exercise Chrome PressDown Strength Trai

Picture 2 - Revolving Lat Bar :  Multi-Grip Design Angled Grips Revolving Design Solid Steel Construction One of the Most Popular Cable Attachments in Gyms Straight Arm Pulldowns Standing Cable Curls Bent Over Rows Low RowTricep Pushdowns Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Close Grip Lat Pulldown Incline Tricep Extension Plus many more exercises


Picture 3 - Revolving Seated Row - Double D - V Handle: The AlphaFit Close Grip Handle is designed to develop your entire body. Made from a solid, heavy duty construction, featuring knurl-textured rubber grip for ultimate comfort and to reduce strain on your wrists whilst you train. The AlphaFit Close Grip Handle maximises the effectiveness of your training through a variety of close grip movements including bent over rows, seated rows, lat pulldown and more.


Picture 4 - Tricep V Bar:  The tricep pushdown is one of the best exercises for tricep development. The AlphaFit Tricep Bar is engineered to provide continuous, steady resistance through a full range of motion. Featuring a dual handle, V shaped design with knurl-textured rubber grip options for ultimate comfort.


Picture 5 - Tricep Pull Down Rope: Triceps, biceps, shoulders and ABS- all effective training Strength and endurance test Designed to optimize the triceps contraction For three muscle rupture essential goods For weight stack cable equipment Construction of a heavy woven nylon and glass rotary attachments As rubber cord to ensure a comfortable grip Very suitable for use at home or in the gym


Picture 6 - Seated Row - Double D - V Handle: ($22) Handles with textured surface for non-slip increase the secured and firm grip to your hands during exercise cable attachment workouts Commercial quality: Made of top-quality steel with chrome finish to prevent the grip from corrosion and rust, support up to 880 lbs (400 kg) Multi-workouts: Great for seated row cable exercises to develop your back, shoulders, forearms, triceps, and biceps. Double D design allows you to exercise both arms at once Compact and multi-functional design gives you an optimum fitness space, ensure the flexibility in different compound pushing tricep exercises


Picture 7 - TPR Rubble Handle: ($12, Sold in pairs, come with 2 carabiners) Our Stirrup Handles are a fantastic addition to your cable equipment allowing the performance of single-arm exercises or the isolation of your chest and shoulders. Tackle your biceps and triceps with our durable and wear-resistant handles. Made from a Nylon straps, these attachments won't buckle under any pressure and are not affected by water or sweat. Up the ante in your workout with the perfect addition to your cable machine.


Picture 8 - Straight Bar With Rubber Hand Grip: ($20) Solid steel with rotating joint. Pressed-on non-slip PU grips. Suitable for biceps and triceps training on the cable tower. Length: 50cm


Picture 9 - Triceps Rope Single Cable Attachment: ($10) This will help you achieve the arm definition you have been striving for. Ideal for primarily training triceps, you can also achieve bicep workouts, shoulder workouts


Picture 10 - Neutral Grip Narrow: ($23) Solid steel bars with Chrome finish Rubber ergonomic grips for added comfort Attach to any cable machines

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