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KKOCH - Compact Foldable Pilates Reformer Bed: Elevate Your Workouts Anywhere

KKOCH - Compact Foldable Pilates Reformer Bed: Elevate Your Workouts Anywhere

Wooden foldable Pilates machine: The foldable Pilates reformer is designed to be foldable, with double-action pulleys, which can be moved easily, saves space after folding, and rarely produces friction sound when exercising, stay in shape, build muscle, and improve your body's core strength and balance.


6 graded steel springs: KKOCH Pilates is equipped with six heavy-duty elastic ropes (two yellow springs 25 lbs, two green springs 35 lbs, and two red springs 50 lbs), providing 12 different levels of exercise resistance.


Adjustable height: Also featuring extendable reformer legs that allow you to change the height from between 21cm to 28cm from the floor to top of carriage


height. Bed: 220*60.5cm

Included the wheel: 236*60.5cm


Scientific design: This foldable Pilates equipment is ergonomic, with 7-level adjustable armrests, double tension ropes with two-stage spring couplings for increase intensity, to meet different exercise needs. The soft foam pilates pillow and shoulder pads with steel locks enhance stability and comfort, the pilates reformer can improve body flexibility and flexibility, and can also be used for meditation to reduce stress.


Multi-Scenario Applicable: The foldable pilates reformer is made of high-quality wood, this foldable pilates reformer is very suitable for home, yoga and studio gym and office use; suitable for fitness lovers, yoga, sports, Body sculpting enthusiasts, people who wants to lose weights, people without training foundation and office ladies are used to relieve joints and correct body shape.

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