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LED Interval Timer Count Down/Up Clock Stopwatch with Remote forHome Gym Fitness

LED Interval Timer Count Down/Up Clock Stopwatch with Remote forHome Gym Fitness


NICE DISPLAY WITH BRIGHT LED : Timer size is 280mm length x 90mm height. This timer consists of two digits in blue and four digit in red. With bright 1.5inch led which you can view the time clearly on the wall at garage or gym. Gym timer comes with many functions to meet all your needs during training. 12/24 Hours normal time, countdown/up in minutes and seconds, stopwatch, custom interval mode, tabata, FGB.


EASY TO USE FOR WORKOUT GARAGE GYM TIMER: Timer has pre-programmed buttons include TABATA and FGB. TABATA function is 20 seconds workout and 10 seconds rest with 8 rounds. FGB1: 5 minutes workout 1 minute rest with 5 rounds; FGB2: 5 minutes workout 1 minute rest with 3 rounds


FAST ACCESS TO YOUR PRESET WORKOUTS: You can store 10 settings from P0 to P1, each setting can customize 9 intervals(From F1 MM:SS C1 MM:SS to F9 MM:SS C9 MM:SS ) with 99 rounds. You can set up your training times/intervals/rounds/rest periods by the remote control. You just need to remember which programs you entered under which number. It is really helpful clock for you to track your workout


EASY CONTROL BY THE WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: Connect the timer with wall adapter. Put 2xAAA battery into the remote. Press the tabata button, the red indicator of the remote flashes. Follow by press start key to run. Control range up to 25feet. REMIND YOUR TRAINING FITNESS: This gym clock has buzzer inside of the timer. You can focus on your exercise and time will alarm. Beep countdown reaches to zero. Beep every intervals. Beep count up to target time. Beep 10 seconds 3 2 1 go.


Friendly notice of 1.5inch gym timer: This timer only operate by remote so do not lost remote control and this timer required to stay plugged in. 1.5inch timer housing size is 280mm x90mm. Perfect use for home or garage usage, maybe small if use big gym club. Also available in larger 3inch or 4inch size.

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