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MMB Coloured Bumper Weights Plates

MMB Coloured Bumper Weights Plates

Introducing our MMB Coloured Bumper Weights—a perfect fusion of strength and style, designed to amplify the concept of girl power in the world of weightlifting. These chic weights not only boast a stunning pink hue but also embody the essence of empowerment and individuality.


Crafted with four ergonomically design vents. This enable easy handling when plate is flat on the floor. Made of 100% high-density natural rubber, these weights are not just about aesthetics; they symbolize the strength and resilience of women in the gym. The reinforced steel ring ensures durability, and the 50mm hole accommodates all standard 2" barbell sleeves.


In the realm of girl power, the pink color isn't just a choice; it's a bold statement that strength knows no gender boundaries. These weights redefine traditional norms and celebrate the beauty of femininity in the world of weightlifting. The consistent diameter with varying thickness ensures a balanced lifting experience, allowing for efficient and confident workouts.


With a low, dead bounce and the ability to absorb ground impact, these weights aren't just about style—they're about making a statement. The chic lift is more than just lifting weights; it's about embracing one's power with elegance and confidence. Each package includes 2 X 5kg plates—durable, versatile, and perfect for unleashing your strength in a chic and empowering way. Say goodbye to stereotypes and hello to a new era of fitness where girl power reigns supreme.

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