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Moamoaboa GOGS Series Weighlifting Belt Genuine Leather Belt 13mm

Moamoaboa GOGS Series Weighlifting Belt Genuine Leather Belt 13mm


GOGS Belt Series

The GOGS Series Belt is made using the finest imported USA Fine grain calf hide. Meticulously selected and prepared over 6 months for strength and longevity. Feature a solid die-cast bomb proof buckle, complete with gliding lever action and the adjustability of a prong belt.


✅ Black oiled leather finish with a black suede interior and black buckle

✅ Layer of Full Grain Calf Leather

✅ Double Reinforced Stitching

✅ Rated 1 Ton Pressure

✅ 13mm Thick

✅ IPF approved with the maximum 13mm thickness and 10cm in width.


Choose Your Size.

For sizing, measure around your midsection at the belly button

For Extra Small size: 23inch - 33 inch For Small size: 27'inch -37' inch For Medium size: 31'inch -41' inch For Large size: 35'inch -45' inch

For Extra Large size : 39’inch -49’ inch


How to measure

If you already own a belt, we recommend measuring your current belt on the tightest setting you use to give you the circumference of the belt at the setting you usually use.


If you do not have a belt then please measure your waist where the belt will sit (which is normally just above the navel), with your abdominal muscles braced. Please do not use your trouser waist measurement as this will not be accurate for the belt measurement.


We typically recommend a belt where you fall in the middle of the sizing guide, as this will allow you to adjust the belt in either direction depending on your preference of fit, what exercise you are using the belt for, should your bodyweight change, or if you wear the belt over layers of clothes or a neoprene belt.



Care instructions


To ensure the outer face of the leather and the stitching retain their original appearance, we would recommend using a regular black shoe polish once every 1-3 months. Polish directly onto the leather and then buff to a shiny finish.


Avoid dropping or throwing the belt, as this can cause damage to the belt buckle.

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