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Moamoaboa Lifting Wrist Straps - Padded Neoprene with 18 inch Cotton

Moamoaboa Lifting Wrist Straps - Padded Neoprene with 18 inch Cotton

100% Cotton


NEXT LEVEL GRIP SUPPORT - Moamoaboa weight lifting straps provide neoprene padding to support your wrists and hands as you shrug, deadlift, or complete a heavy back day. These highly durable, long “no slip” straps enhance any workout no matter the lift or routine.


BUILT TO LAST - There are many iterations of lifting straps with cheap quality, stitching, and fabric. Moamoaboa straps are built to last through the toughest training sessions whether you’re recovering from an injury or breaking a new PR. We’ve increase the length of our gym straps to increase support and grip ability


BEST GYM LIFTING STRAPS - Our deadlift straps are endorsed by world record holding powerlifters, IFBB pro athletes, and world known trainers who use the pair of straps to eliminate grip strength fatigue and target muscle groups like your back, traps, and other muscles that are affect by pulling movements. Lift painlessly with the comfort and mobility of our fully adjustable lifting straps.


IMPROVE PERFORMANCE - Our thick deadlift straps allow you to lift heavier weight with the versatile design and increased length. Wrap our lifting straps around the bar 2-3 times in comfort to take you training to the next level.

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