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Pull Up Assist Resistance Elastic Band Natural Rubber Workout Loop Band

Pull Up Assist Resistance Elastic Band Natural Rubber Workout Loop Band

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Professional Resistance Loop Bands of Different Resistance Levels.


Yellow 2080 * 45 * 6.4mm (8-15LBS),

Red 2080 * 45 * 13mm (15-35 LBS),

Black 2080 * 45 * 21mm (25-65 LBS),

Purple 2080 * 45 * 32mm (35-85 LBS),

Green 2080 * 45 * 45mm (50-125 LBS),

Blue 2080 * 45 * 64mm (65-175LBS),

Orange 2080 * 45 * 83mm (80-230LBS)


Red Pull up Assist Band (15-35lbs): Low resistance for warm-up, stretching and light strength training. Black Pull up Assist Band (25-65lbs): Light to medium resistance to mobility exercises and stretching. Purple Pull up Assist Band (35-85lbs): Moderate to severe resistance for moderate fitness exercises and strength training.


Green Pull up Assist Band (50-125lbs): Heavy resistance for heavy weight training, strong support in pull-ups.


Natural and Durable: This pull up bands are made of 100% natural latex, which is green, soft and odorless.

Safe and Multi-functional: Stretch bands offers effective training. Workout your arms, back, legs, and butt all at once with mobility band, perfect for for body resistance training and physical therapy to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.


Suitable for Anyone: Pull up assist bands come in different level, The amount of resistance of the workout bands can be adjusted by giving more or less slack on the band, as well as by combining multiple workout band to increase the challenge.


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